Unique Financial Planning and Analysis advising services offered by us in Delhi, Mumbai and India. We employ top financial planners and consultants to help you find the best financial options.

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Unique Financial Planning and Analysis advising services offered by us in Delhi, Mumbai and India. We employ top financial planners and consultants to help you find the best financial options.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Why is investing in retirement plans beneficial?

After independence, not much consideration has been given to the wealth management India. Not many people initially went for the top mutual funds in India for a secure future and not many retirement plans were even considered as everyone thought that in there old age their children are going to support them.

 But today the times have changed and it is very important to go for the right plans in India because the need of the hour is that it is to be accepted that anything can happen at time of retirement and perhaps your loved can also turn their backs for you when it comes to financial help. So it is important that wealth management should be considered in the early stages of life.

With the vastly growing financial industry it is important to get the knowledge of top mutual funds in India and consider the advice of a financial advisor before you go for some investments in the financial sector. A financial advisor can help you understand the financial sector in a better way and can also give you an unbiased report of the trends that are going on in the financial industry.

 It is important to know about the things that are going on in the financial sector so that you are updated about the current happenings and the better investment policies that are coming up day by day for your betterment and for your better retirement plans. Live ahead towards a great future with the right 
retirement plans for yourself.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Benefits of Investing in mutual fund India

There are many benefits of investing in mutual fund India. The main reason for the popularity of mutual funds is that they help in reducing the risk and increasing the chances of getting higher returns. There are many other benefits of investing in mutual funds.

When you invest in a mutual fund, you are getting full time professional investment management services, as they would pool the resources of several investors. This is a vital service from the point of view of the present day volatile and complex markets. The inside fact is that the interests of the fund manager are based upon the success of the investor. As the fund managers have immediate access to latest market information, they can make trades on cost effective, huge securities portfolios.

The next advantage is that mutual fund performance remains more or less stable over the long-term. This is because the investment is done in different options including stocks, securities and bonds. This reduces risk because even if there is any drop in the value of a particular security, it would be stabilized by the increased value of other securities.

Another advantage of mutual fund calculator is that it gives you the chance to invest small but with high quality. This is something that is not possible in the case of the stock market. you can start investing in mutual funds even with Rs. 500 a month without thinking of risking your money. Last but not the least, this investment tool comes with easy liquidity, as they can be withdrawn without any difficulty.

Thursday, 8 November 2012

How to save tax in India?

The income tax scene in India is quite dynamic. It changes with every budget and before people can understand the nuances of the current income tax, the next budget comes in which has some revised schemes. We, the normal citizens of India, are usually not well versed with all these things. These things can best be done in consultation with a tax planning expert who is from this background. They can not only help us save tax, but can also let us know in detail regarding how much tax we’ve to pay and how we can file our IT returns so that we can avoid any penalty that might be levied. After all, penalties really pinch hard even if they’re a small amount. It’s like losing a part of our money for nothing at all.

People do a lot of black-marketing and try to save taxes the wrong way. However, such techniques might get people caught in the long run. Even if they don’t, the person doing it lives under constant fear of being arrested. It is better to talk to a tax consultant who can show us some legal and right ways regarding how to save tax. Some of the common methods tax consultants suggest are:

• Investing money in Insurance: Insurance policies have since long been one of the most reliable ways to save money. Insurance comes in a lot of variety such as auto insurance, home insurance, health insurance, fire insurance etc. By investing money in Unit Linked Plans and Endowment policies, you can save a lot of tax. Not only will you save money, but you can do a lot of good to yourself by investing in policies since they give good returns after a point of time.

• Fixed Deposits: You might have heard of the term FD. Everyone talks about putting in money for FD! So what does an FD mean? FD stands for fixed deposit and it can be availed for a fixed duration such as 3 years, 5 years etc. The tenure depends on their scheme provided by banks. The interest rate on the same varies from bank to bank and just for your information, the RBI has made a hike in the interest rates of FDs between the tenure of 3-5 years. However, if you break your fixed deposit before it matures, you cannot avail the benefits of getting higher returns. In fact, you might attract some penalty.

• National Savings Certificate (NSC) – The National Savings Certificate is an attractive scheme by the Government of India to attract investors. Under such a scheme, you can invest money for tenure of 5 years and get an interest rate of 8.6% per annum! It’s a really good interest rate to obtain because even banks don’t offer such attractive rates. There’s a super saver plan as well, which goes on for tenure of 10 years.

These are all investment plans recognized by the income tax in India. They are legal ways and benefit an individual by giving good returns on investment.

Saturday, 3 November 2012

Guide on how to save income tax in India

If you are thinking of how to save income tax in India, there are a number of investment options and keys to help you. Section 80C enables you to save up to a total of Rs. 100,000 in tax annually if you invest in a number of instruments. These instruments include life insurance premium, provident fund contribution, home loan principal repayment, Equity Linked Savings Schemes in mutual fund firms, National Savings Certificates, Infrastructure Bonds, children’s tuition fee, fixed deposits in banks and even Public Provident Fund with maximum Rs. 70,000 annually.

Section 80D of Indian income tax enables you to save money on your health insurance premium. It would enable Rs. 15,000 deduction from your taxable income for paying health insurance premium. In the case of senior citizens, it is Rs. 20,000. When considering these options, make sure to get the help of a professional and experienced tax guru.

Next, you can seek the help of Section 80E of Indian income tax that would enable you to get deduction on the interest that you pay on educational loans. The loan may be availed for you own education, your children’s or even your spouse’s education. In this case, there is no limitation to the total deduction amount that you can claim.

When availing deduction under Section 80E, it is important to have proper tax planning. It would enable you to get deduction against a loan that has been taken for higher education, such as a graduation or post-graduation program in medicine, engineering, management, applied sciences or pure sciences.


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