Unique Financial Planning and Analysis advising services offered by us in Delhi, Mumbai and India. We employ top financial planners and consultants to help you find the best financial options.

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Unique Financial Planning and Analysis advising services offered by us in Delhi, Mumbai and India. We employ top financial planners and consultants to help you find the best financial options.

Wednesday, 26 June 2013

What Qualities Should Wealth Management Firms in India possess?

There are abundant wealth management firms India. In fact, if you stack them one over another, that will surely create a skyscraper. You entrust them with all your wealth and assets, so you should be cautious about choosing the service of a particular firm. After all, it is your wealth, who else is going to think about it? To choose a wealth management firm, you need to look out for five qualities that the institution should possess. But do not presume it will be an easy job. After all, money is not easy to understand, and if it flows through various portals, it is hard to keep a track of the cash-flow. At the same time, it should not decay in the savings account of your bank. It needs to grow. Which investment will pay you better in the longer term and which one in the shorter time interval? After considering all these factors only, you should head forth towards a wealth management company in India.

5 Qualities which an Indian Wealth Management Firm is expected to have – 

> Companies dealing in wealth management in India have invaluable access to their customer’s assets, they should be careful about it. Wealth management is all about trust, and every firm should keep that in mind. They should indulge in ethical practices.

> They should explain all their wealth management policies to the customer in a detailed and lucid manner.
> They should not make any unrealistic claims.

>They should have strong reputation in the market. Their experience should be more than a decade.

>They should not be blacklisted by banks for fraudulent monetary dealings.

Thursday, 20 June 2013

How Can Wealth Management Advisors Help You?

Wealth Management is the idea of managing various tax, investment, business, legal and acres planning. Anyone can sought the services provided by wealth management advisors, no matter either you have oodles of capital or just enough to survive after retirement and entrust a little to your loved ones. Life insurance planning, investments in real estate, retirement planning, elderly care, medical care and wealth transfer are a few of the many services that wealth management advisors can help you with.

Under the guidance of a professional wealth management advisors you will be able to discover your way through that intricacy of finances. They can facilitate you with investments, debt management, setting and accomplishing monetary goals and various other problems related to finance and investment. Such advisors are professionally trained and highly experienced in helping people this way. They can easily identify techniques of accomplishing your financial objectives that you may not have thought about up till now. Wealth Management advisors also help you get hold of smart solutions and make sensible decisions about your financial future.

There are various wealth management companies in India which help ordinary people to plan about their existing financial resources. Basically, they allot financial planners to their clients and these planners show up the most advantageous ways that clients can accomplish with their available financial resources. Most of these companies proactively elucidate all the policies along with the pros & cons of the schemes which you want to go for. It is always very important to ask right questions before you select one. Let me point out some of the important question which you must ensure.

Questions you must ask before selecting a Wealth Management Advisor –
    Check if they are registered or not along with their original licenses and certifications.
    Ask for a complete list of services they provide along with their expertise area.
    Know the years of experience that each advisor has with the industry.

Personal Wealth Management Solutions

Personal Wealth Management solutions are a somewhat new phrase in India. In the post-independence epoch and quite a few decades later, the only management of investment or personal wealth people knew was either investment in property or insurance. For an illiterate human being to a big prominent businessman, there were no other opportunities to invest and see the wealth expand on its own.

The choices for investing capital increased in nineties. In the late nineties, with the manifestation of the very first company that went into public sharing, new settings for investment came forward. Investment planning came into sight after several Investment companies emerged. The options for personal wealth management solutions increased and so did the chaos as to which one is the most excellent among the top wealth management companies.

There are various wealth management companies in India which help us ascertain all our financial possessions and facilitate us with financial services so that we can plan for our sound financial future. Basically, these wealth management companies allot financial planners to their clients and these planners bring out the best possible ways that clients can carry out with their available money. Most of these companies proactively elucidate all the policies along with the pros & cons of the schemes which you want to go for.

Financial Planners bring out different types of investment plans available in different businesses. Even public sector like health and education have launched new investment plans with privatization and these are flourishing a lot with new companies growing up so often. It’s about having a sound financial future so make sure that you pick the best among the top wealth management companies for it.

Friday, 14 June 2013

Cheap and Affordable Health Insurance Plans

Health is wealth ––– so goes the proverb. Without good health, one cannot get familiar with living a happy and satisfied life. And for being healthy and fit, it is utmost necessary to get routine health check. Again, it is also essential to seek advice from a doctor and take appropriate medications, follow prescriptions properly, even if the ailment is a trivial one. No one knows when this negligible sickness will turn out to be a problem, if not taken care of as it should be.

However, many people ignore regular checkups and hesitate to see a doctor because of the increasing cost of prescriptions and other medical treatments. And, if you avoid going to the doctor time and again, watch out, you might have to play against some serious health issues at a later phase of your life. Keeping all such things in mind, insurance markets have turn up with cheap and inexpensive health insurance plans.

Most of the people hold the false idea that the phrase cheap and affordable health insurance will not provide an appropriate exposure to medical expenses related to your health. Well… it’s certainly nothing more than a ‘Myth’. The fact is that various insurance companies have lessened their rates of premium for health insurance plans because there are numerous insurance companies available in the market. Therefore, many companies made insurance available at a cheap and affordable rate, just to attract more customers. But, it is always advisable to select the best health insurance plan.

Before selecting a health insurance plan, make sure that you understand properly as to how your insurance policy works, hospitalization, how will it handle the emergency circumstances, etc. Go and get into a cheap and best insurance plan!  

Sunday, 2 June 2013

Cheapest Insurance Plan – Family v/s Individual Health Insurance Plans

Insurance is essential for many protecting your health and assets o and it can be a quite an ordeal to find the cheapest plans for assets you want to get insured. Health is one of the foremost objects which you would like to preserve. Health insurance policies make hospitalization expenditures reasonable. These plans give protection for all kinds of medical expenses after deposition of an annual premium. The financial reimbursement of these health plans can be acquired when there is a need for immediate cash for medical emergencies like hospitalization during serious illness or accidents

What are Family Health Insurance Plans?
Family health insurance plans are indispensable for every member of the family. If you are looking for the cheapest insurance plan, never go for an individual health plan. The overall cost of a family insurance plan is much lower than the combined premiums of individual health plans for your family members. 

What is Individual health insurance Plans?
Individual health insurance plans is the cover for a single individual. It is often offered by employers to their office staff, but there is a section which gets a health insurance on an individual basis. These covers are often flexible and can be coupled with a family health insurance plan. The latter method is useful for people with persistent health problems.  Each situation independently regulates how individual policies may be marketed and sold.
Since you have now learnt a lot about insurance plans both family or individual, you should now start hunting for a good insurance agent who has the best insurance policies.


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