Unique Financial Planning and Analysis advising services offered by us in Delhi, Mumbai and India. We employ top financial planners and consultants to help you find the best financial options.

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Unique Financial Planning and Analysis advising services offered by us in Delhi, Mumbai and India. We employ top financial planners and consultants to help you find the best financial options.

Monday, 24 December 2012

The ABCs of investing in Mutual Fund companies

Everyone has some or the other plan regarding their future. While some people choose to invest their money in a savings account, others do a fixed deposit of the money they’ve. However, you can’t survive on 5-6% interest every year! Even if you leave the money untouched, you’ll barely have sufficient savings after 10-20 years.

If you really want your money to grow, you should try investing in mutual funds. Mutual funds in India are quite popular since it offers significant advantages over other investment options. Mutual funds are managed by a fund manager and consist of a large number of investors whose money is pooled together.

The money of various investors is invested in a variety of places and depending upon each person’s investment share, they receivethe dividends. Since a lot of money is invested, the fund manager can buy stocks and shares for cheaper value and sell them at a higher rate when the prices soar. Due to a large investment, the returns are huge as well.

If you really want to reap benefits out of investments, you should invest in some top performing mutual funds in India. They can get you much higher returns than any other form of investments. The only other investment which can rival them in terms of returns is insurance. Investing in insurance schemes is also a good option since there are lots of opportunities. Be it travel insurance or home insurance, the returns can be really good and satisfying provided you get hold of the right scheme!

Tuesday, 4 December 2012

Managing finances made easy with financial advisors

At school, most of us as kids dreaded math! It was a little horrifying working with numbers and the phobia that we developed way backs as kids could never really be overcome. Working with numbers requires a lot of logic. Especially in today’s times, it’s important because as we earn, we realize that money is not just numbers, but there’s a meaning behind those numbers. Due to our inability to comprehend the meaning behind those numbers, we hire financial advisors who can carefully assess our income, expenditure and lay our several investments schemes so that we may choose the one that can give us the best return on our investment.

Financial planning in India is really easy with financial consultants. They are well versed with every financial scheme, mutual funds, fixed deposits and various investment policies. Coupled with their experience in the field of financial advising and the educational background they possess, they become an ideal choice for managing our money. Getting a financial consultant to manage your money can be beneficial in many ways:

• It’s convenient: As working individuals, we really don’t have the time to make endless rounds of investment firms to seek out the best possible plan for us. Further, the paperwork and hassles related with the same can give us sleepless nights! Getting a financial advisor on board can help us ease the burden. They complete all the formalities and paperwork on our behalf, at our behest.

• Gives us a level of confidence: When we invest money without any prior background in the field of investment, there’s always a tension at the back of the mind. It’s the tension of risking and/or losing your money. It comes due to lack of experience and study in this particular field. However, under the careful guidance of a financial planner, we can be confident about our investment.

Before going in for a financial advisor, you need to know why you’re hiring him! There are a lot of reasons that make a financial advisor better than the rest.

• Trust: When you hire a financial planner, you’re giving away a lot of details about your personal life such as your income, family status, expenses etc. The person needs to be trustworthy so that your personal details are not compromised with. Make sure you inquire about the reputation of the advisor!

• Compensation: Financial planning india firms usually have two methods for compensation. The first one is commission basis, wherein they charge commission for every work and secondly, a lump sum based deal wherein you pay them a specified amount. A drawback with the commission one is that the advisor might sell you more schemes just to make commission.

Monday, 3 December 2012

Explore the Best Ways to investment in India

When it is about investment plan, most people get confused. Most of the time, people go around looking for ways to invest when they have certain amount of spare money in their hands. Retirement and children’s future are the two main concerns when it comes to long-term investment.

If you are without much financial leverage, you cannot afford to lose money but at the same time you need higher returns. In such a case, the best possible method to make an online investment would be choose a balanced portfolio that has the right mix of equity and debts. Without proper knowledge about the market, it would be best to choose mutual funds as the main base for your investment. Mutual funds can help create the ideal portfolio according to your requirements and also accumulate assets in a knowledgeable way.

One of the best ways to save money would be to invest monthly in mutual funds. For example an investment of just Rs. 5,000 a month for the next 16 years can help you generate a savings of Rs. 2 million with an average rate of 8.5% a year. This would be achieved without any risk or headache of choosing the right portfolio. A Systematic Investment Plan or SIP is the ideal way to start investing in mutual funds.

When you want to invest in equity, it would best to take the help of an investment advice. If you want to choose your portfolio on your own, this would be a job that would consume a lot of time and effort. Therefore, it would be best to get help from a professional. investment in India, online investment, investment advisor


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