Unique Financial Planning and Analysis advising services offered by us in Delhi, Mumbai and India. We employ top financial planners and consultants to help you find the best financial options.

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Unique Financial Planning and Analysis advising services offered by us in Delhi, Mumbai and India. We employ top financial planners and consultants to help you find the best financial options.

Wednesday, 12 March 2014

3 invaluable financial planning india tips for your retirement!

If you actually reflect upon it, you will realize that retirement is just like a good night’s sleep. After all, we struggle and work hard throughout the day for the pleasure of enjoying a good meal and a restful sleep during the night time. Similarly, we work relentlessly for years at a stretch only so that we can spend a comfortable retirement life. And your retirement life should be full of pleasures, because you have spent your entire life working towards that dream of enjoying during the latter stages of your life.

It is pretty painful to see people working hard their entire lives, yet not getting their fair share of enjoyment once they retire. This might be due to the fact that they had invested in a fraudulent retirement planning company or surprisingly not invested in any such scheme at all! Here are three financial planning india tips that will help you to plan your retirement better –


Ascertaining an estimate is very important. You should be able to decide how much money will suffice each month after you have retired. To determine this, you can use a financial planning calculator available on the website of every leading financial advisory service. Make sure that you keep in mind the inflation rate every year.

Choose a plan!

Once you have determined how much money would suffice, you should start looking out for a suitable plan. These days, you will find tons of financial advisory services offering loads of different retirement schemes. You should choose the one that suits your financial sensibilities. In a bid to have more money in the future, don’t sacrifice your present lifestyle. Choose a scheme that allows you to invest only as much as you can afford at present.

Try doing a side job!

With the ever rising inflation hitting us all hard, financial planning in india has become difficult. It is tough to save anything at all at the end of the month. If you are finding it difficult to put money in your retirement schemes, our advisor suggests that you can try out various freelance jobs during the weekends and make some good money!


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