Unique Financial Planning and Analysis advising services offered by us in Delhi, Mumbai and India. We employ top financial planners and consultants to help you find the best financial options.

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Unique Financial Planning and Analysis advising services offered by us in Delhi, Mumbai and India. We employ top financial planners and consultants to help you find the best financial options.

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

What a financial planning calculator can reveal and much more explained!

Whenever we think about investing, we have a specific goal in mind. Our finances should be calculated so as to optimally meet those demands. This means that if you need money to fund your child’s trip next year, you can actually invest some spare money in a yearly fixed deposit and use the interest next year for the trip. However, if you were to invest that money in a 10 year bond that will give you returns once every 5 years, you won’t be able to fund the trip next year!

This is where a financial planning calculator helps. It helps you in determining how much amount on money can yield what kind of results. Obviously, when it comes to something such as buying shares or investing in a property, one can just estimate the returns looking at the market condition. However, you cannot calculate the exact results! Financial planningcompanies in india can offer you charts that have pre-calculated stats. The stats include the amount of time that you can invest for, and the rate of interest you will receive accordingly.

A financial calculator is important for other things apart from investments. It is a handy tool when you’ve to calculate your loan repayment! It will show you the amount of interest you have to pay at different rates of interest, for different tenures. And by varying even one of these variables, you can make significant changes to your repayment. Let’s see two of these in some more detail –

1.       Rate of interest: Rate of interest is the percentage of your loan amount that will go as fee for taking the loan. The rate of interest if varied by even a single percent can make a difference of lakhs of rupees every year! Try to get the lowest rates of interest.  

2.       Repayment tenure: Repayment tenure is the amount of time that you’ve taken the loan for. It usually depends upon how comfortable you are in repaying, and therefore you take the loan for that much amount of time. 

If you want more help, just Google My Financial Planner India!

Monday, 9 December 2013

3 selection criteria for financial advisors Gurgaon!

We get attracted really fast to all those things that offer us a shortcut for doing something; just like this blog! This blog will give you some simple yet effective tips to choose the best from your short list of financial advisors Gurgaon. It is also better to choose the right one so that you don’t end up with someone who will mess around with your hard earned money!

   1.     Why do you need one?

It is pretty interesting to note that financial advisors Gurgaon are not generalists; they are specialists! So while one financial advisor might guide you about investing in real estate, another one might guide you about retirement planning. You need to be sure about what you are expecting out of them. Yes, there are general advisors available too in case you need their advice on multiple investment schemes!

2.     Their qualification

Financial planning is a field wherein only skilled professionals can offer you good advice. Someone who is learned and has completed his CA, CFP, or CFA is more likely to offer you expert advice than someone who is not from this background. One more important reason to choose CFPs or CFAs is that they have to adhere to the code of conduct that they have sworn by. So inquire about the qualification of the financial advisor before you hire him/her.

3.     Look at the long term perspective!

If you are looking to hire a financial advisor gurgaon, have a long term perspective in mind. Do not inquire about immediate results because you simply cannot reap immediate benefits in any investments; be it fixed deposits or real estate. For actual hardcore benefits, you need to have patience and trust you advisor. Give him/her some time to manage your finances so that it reaps good benefits.
When you are on the lookout for financial planners noida, you should keep in mind that determining your own needs is what you should start with. No financial planner will be good enough if you are unclear regarding your demands! After that, you should start scouting for a suitable financial advisor.   

Sunday, 1 December 2013

Hiring the best financial planners Delhi and avoiding the shady ones!

Hiring a financial planner requires time, conscious efforts, and patience. You should know what you exactly want out of your financial planner to start with. Do you want someone who can help you out with growing your business, or do you want someone who can assist you in investing in property? Once your object is clear, you will know which type of financial planners Delhi to look out for!
Here’s what you can do to find the best ones in the business –

·        Check their qualification

You should check the qualifications of the financial advisor. Make sure that he is a CFP (Certified Financial Planner) and has cleared the tough exams held by the financial planning standards board of India.

·        Experience

There’s no doubt about the fact that an experienced financial planner can bring more financial planning ideas to the table than an inexperienced one. While the inexperienced one might be brimming with newer techniques, he will not have the skills that are acquired over years of practically working in the industry.

·        Refer to their old clients

If you can, you should always check with the existing and old clients of the financial advisors pune. They will be the best ones to honestly let you know whether the financial planner was any good at his work.
Here are some tips to avoid the shady ones!

·        Check their social media profiles

These ways, we have the convenience of doing a quick Google search in order to find out about a person. Their LinkedIN, Facebook, and Twitter accounts can help you in knowing what kind of thoughts they have, whether they have been recommended by seniors in the industry, and what kind of lifestyle they lead! Obviously, you wouldn’t want to go for someone who prefers drinking daily and turns up to work late!

·        Ask them the ultimate question!

While the ultimate question is often the one pertaining to marriage, in the field of financial planning, the ultimate question is ‘Do you have a fiduciary duty on me?’ Hire financial planners Mumbai only if they answer ‘YES’.


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